For those who want to create a story

During the project we will publish here tutorials (YoMEM Tutorials) and useful tips for those who want to create a narrative. Click here to see the tutorials!

Other useful information can be found in the “Methodologies” section of the StoryAP portal, Stories for Active Participation: click here!


If you are a youth worker, teacher or volunteer

The project sees the creation of four outputs dedicated to youth workers, teachers, educators, volunteers, to offer useful tools to create storytelling activities for young people on the theme of Europe. In particular the project will carry out:

  • YoMEM Workshops – This output collects a series of educational activities to tell experiences related to Europe, based on autobiographical methodologies, digital storytelling and participatory video.
  • YoMEM – Cooperative Storytelling Activities by Distance – These activities will allow young people from different European countries to cooperate together by distance, creating narratives that relate to the different themes of the project.
  • YoMEM Massive Open Online Course – This output will provide the contents and the methods of IO1 and IO2 as Massive Open  Online Course.
  • YoMEM Tutorials