A playlist of 12 videos created in YoMeM Project (Young Messengers of European Memory) by different organizations, and intended for direct use by young people for the production of narratives, according to different storytelling’s methodologies.

1) “Interview techniques” by Real Time Video – UK https://vimeopro.com/user14092278/yomem/video/797699169

A video tutorial that aims to illustrate, in a simple and practical way, how to make a video interview.

2) “Using AI in group work to develop story ideas” by Real Time Video – UK

How to use artificial intelligence within the storytelling process.

3) “Introduction to storytelling using participatory video techniques” by Real Time Video – UK

A video tutorial explaining the participatory approach and techniques of participatory video.

4) “Introduction to autobiographical methodologies” by Storie di Mondi Possibili – Italy

An introduction to autobiographical methodologies in storytelling and in education.

5) “Autobiographical writing” by Storie di Mondi Possibili – Italy

The methodology of autobiographical writing and some exercises to use it.

6) “Digital Storytelling” by Storie di Mondi Possibili – Italy

What is Digital Storytelling and how it can be used as a storytelling tool in different areas.

7) “Haiku” by Federazione Italiana dei Cemea – Italy

A video tutorial illustrates the Haiku method as a storytelling tool.

8) “An object or a photo to tell my Europe” by Association M3Cube – France

This video tutorial explains how to narrate one’s vision, experience, and memory of Europe through the narrative inputs of objects and images.

9) “My story in European history” by Association M3Cube – France

How to tell one’s story within the big European story?

10) “Share your story” by Mobilizing Expertise – Sweden

This video tutorial shows us several inputs on how to tell one’s story and why.

11) “Collage My European Story” by Mobilizing Expertise – Sweden

How to tell one’s Europe through the collage technique.

12) “Documenting social change: how to go about it?” by STOP – Poland

This video tutorial talks about social change and shows us how it is possible to talk about it.