The project will see the realization of training activities open to young people up to 30 years old.

YoMem Workshops – Free storytelling workshops you can attend in your country. In fact, each project organization will organize 3 workshops, each with 15 participants. The countries where these activities will take place are:

  • Italy

  • Sweden

  • Poland

  • England

  • France

  • Romania

Distance storytelling activities – These activities will allow young people from different European countries to cooperate together even at a distance, creating narratives that relate to the different themes of the project, and above all these practices will allow to reflect together on the meaning of these narratives, on the values that underlie them, also in order to create proposals and ideas for the future of Europe.
In particolare queste attività includeranno:

    • YoMEM Remote Storytelling Workshops

    • YoMEM Open Narrating Virtual Space

    • YoMEM Europe Photo Collage

    • YoMEM Call for discussion

The calendar of these activities (in presence or distance) will be published as these activities are organized in each country.

YoMEM Award

Another activity, transversal to all these, is the YoMEM Award. The stories produced in the storytelling workshops will in fact participate in this award. It will be possible to participate in the award even without following the workshops, simply by creating a story.

The award winners will attend, if they wish, an international meeting in Paris in September 2022.

Multiplier events

In each country, at the end of the project, a final event will be organized.

Project management activities

In parallel with the workshops, the award and the events, the project will see a series of project management activities, carried out by the staff of each organization:

  • 3 transnational coordination meetings;
  • remote transnational coordinstion meetings;
  • local and transnational activities for the realization  of intellectual  outputs;
  • piloting activities aimed to test the project outputs;
  • creation of a joint staff training event,  for the staff of partner organizations, dedicated to the development of intellectual